The Worldwide Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom
October 15-17, 2021


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Day Three: Freedom for All Beings

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Dr. Will Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle ~ "The Benevolent Vegan Evolution: Animal Liberation is Human Liberation"

Dr. Tuttle's concluding ideas focus on the tremendous positive healing forces that can be unleashed as we awaken out of ten thousand years of ongoing human enslavement and exploitation of animals, and how this irrevocably boomerangs on us as our "banquet of consequences." Veganism is the committed practice of non-compliance with the forces of violence and calls us to an ever-higher standard of conscious awareness, discipline, diligence, and loving creativity so that we can meaningfully contribute to the liberation of others.

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Original art: Madeleine Tuttle
Original piano music: Will Tuttle
Video lead-in: Thomas Jackson

Disclaimer: The information and opinions in this summit are intended for informational purposes only. Nothing in this event is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Day #1: Health & Nutrition Truth

Dr. Will Tuttle - Welcome to this Summit: Some Keys to Personal & Cultural Health

Dr. T. Colin Campbell - Holistic Nutrition, Academic Freedom, and the Profitability and Perils of Reductionist Science

Dr, Joel Kahn - Fight Back: The Courage of Compassionate Contrarianism

Dr. Gabriel Cousens - Germs, Terrain, and Opening to Sacred Ways of Eating and Being

Dr. Rupa Shah - The Vegan Wisdom of Ahimsa: Plant-based Nutrition and Medicines Without Vivisection

Karen Ranzi - Building a Healthy Inner Terrain for Wellness and Freedom

Day #2: Science and Truth

Dr. Pam Popper - Make Americans Free Again: A Deep Dive into the Politics of Disease

Dawn Lester & David Parker - Do Germs Make Us Ill?: Disease as Healthy Detoxification

Joann & Sarina Farb - How Science is Used by Power: Why We Need to be More Savvy & Responsible Than Ever

Dr. Will TuttleUnsettling Science: Healing the Wounds of Herderism and Materialism

Dr. Armaiti May - So Many Layers of Deception: A Deep Dive into Animal Rights & Human Rights

Dr. Nehal Parikh - Natural Immunity, Alternatives, and Giving People a Choice


Day #3: Freedom for All Beings

Dr. Brian Clement - Living On top of the Rock: The Legendary Healing Power of Attitude, Nutrition, and Exercise

Clare Mann - Understanding the Psychology of Oppression: Awakening out of Mind Control

Henna Maria - Trans-humanism and the Co-optation of the Vegan Movement

Derrick Broze - The Great Reset, Faux Veganism, and Vegans for Freedom

Margarita Restrepo - Freedom Through Education, Nutrition, Veganic Permaculture, and Harmony with Nature

Dr. Will TuttleThe Benevolent Vegan Evolution: Animal Liberation is Human Liberation